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How To Reach & Impact Millions With Your Message: A behind-the-scenes interview with NYC-based, Selena Soo, on the path to getting seen, heard and connected.

2018 August 10th, 2018 No Comments. A Behind-The-Scenes Interview With NYC-Based, Selena Soo, On The Path To Getting Seen, Heard And Connected.

and authors who want to reach.

Selena Soo 🗞️ Publicity + Marketing Strategist 🔑 Creator of Impacting Millions 💼 Used to be a Non-Profit Manager 🐱 Cat Lover & INFJ

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Selena Soo – The Impacting Millions Quickstart 2018 Last Version Dr. Joan Borysenko – The Plantplus Nutrition Program Group Buy Mage Double Your Dating – Intimacy Intensive Selena Soo is a publicity and marketing strategist who helps experts, authors, and coaches go from “ hidden gems ” to admired industry leader.

Mar 26, 2018  · Last year, the business, founded in 2012, brought in $1.6 million in revenue, with close to $1 million in revenue from one course called Impacting Millions, according to Soo.

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