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Work life balance only applies to those who have two separate goals – a work goal and a life goal. If the goal is the same (and it should be) then you don’t have to balance anything.

everything feeds into the same goal.

If you want to know how to be more productive, whether it’s at work or just at life.

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Short Term Memory is the way we jot down numbers and names in our brain. Lear more about it here!

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At the family level, work-life balance promotes greater marital and family stability, family cohesion, and marital and family happiness. Work–life balance reduces turnover, improves performance, and lowers the incidences of lateness and absenteeism. All of us should strive for policies and practices that create an enriching working environment.

The Happiness Value of Work-Life Balance. There's more to work-life balance than hours spent at home and at work. By Stacey Ferreira Co-founder and CEO, Forge @staceyferreira.

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